About us

ESTABLISHED IN 1996,  DJW Sales & Service originally specialized in the sales and service of 1800 RPM continuous duty diesel generator sets ranging from 8kW-100kW. We also provided other associated products, such as paralleling switchgear and 5kv automatic transfer switches along with vaulted fuel tanks,etc. As we began to grow we started installing our own gensets,and with that we are continuing to grow with personnel. We have received a great deal of encouragement from various Governments Agencies and we are eager to see our small business continue to grow and develop. One of our biggest supporters to date has been the US Small Business Administration. We are now listed as a Women Owned buisness and Small Buisness on Pronet.

Because we are still a very small business, we have teamed up with Webb Electric Company of Florida, Inc., a company with over 50 years experience performing electrical projects for the Federal Government.