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           Standby Rates - 1 Hour/Day, 5 Hours/Week, 20 Hours/Month

           Single Rates - 8 Hours/Day, 40 Hours/Week, 160 Hours/Month

                    Double Rates - 1.5 x Single Rate - 8 to 16 Hours/Day

                     Triple Rates - 2.0 x Single Rate - 16+ Hours/Day

                   $50.00 Delivery & Pickup each way (within 20 miles)

              Delivery Fee Over 20 Miles - $3.25 per mile over 20 miles

             Customer responsible service unit every 250 hours 
                          Sales and Use Taxes are not Included

                       Add 3.5% to total for below if not providing

  Insurance Requirements Standby Rates - 1 Hour/Day, 5 Hours/Week,

                                              20 Hours/Month

Equipment shall be insured against all risks of fire, theft, loss, collision, or other damage for the full insurable value

under a policy of insurance which provides for payment to the Certificate Holder, DJW Sales & Service, Inc.

Insurance policy may not be canceled or altered without at least 10 days written notice to Certificate Holder. Lessee

shall be liable for the deductible amount and for any uninsured loss or damage. Lessee shall maintain

comprehensive public liability insurance, naming DJW Sales & Service, Inc. as additional insured.